Connect with Fitbit® and get rewarded with the new Fitbit Boost for NBA2K17!

The all-new NBA 2K17 Fitbit feature makes it easy for you to temporarily boost your MyPLAYER by staying active in the real world. All you have to do is take 10,000 steps in a day, and receive a +5 boost to your MyPLAYER's attributes for 2 games each day you meet the goal.

Once you connect your Fitbit tracker with your 2K account, continue your MyCAREER and select the Fitbit page in your MyPLAYER inventory to automatically sync the stats from your Fitbit tracker. If you do not see your total daily steps on screen, check again shortly for the most recent sync.

To use your boost, open the MyPLAYER inventory menu and accept the prompt. All boosted attributes will stay active until you have played 2 games, don't forget to redeem your boosts each day you meet the 10,000 step goal!